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Vendor Threat Mitigation

Section 841

Section 841 List is an up-to-date listing of vendors with active identifications under FY15 NDAA Sec 841, “Never Contract with the Enemy”. The Section 841 List also connects to the SPRS VTM Reports module.

Vendor Threat Mitigation (VTM) Reports

Vendor Threat Mitigation (VTM) is the process to assess and mitigate risks posed by vendors supporting DoD operations outside the United States. Previously referred to as “Vendor Vetting,” VTM leverages all-source information and combatant commander guidance to identify vendors supporting the adversary and authorizes heads of contracting activity to restrict, terminate, or void award to them. The VTM Module in SPRS provides acquisition professionals with visibility of vendor threat vetting outcomes under AFRICOM and CENTCOM VTM programs. Acquisition professionals awarding contracts with performance in the AFRICOM or CENTCOM area of responsibility should have familiarity with those VTM processes and must work with their head of contracting activity for guidance on use of this information.

Reference Materials

Entering Vendor Threat Mitigation Records

Watch Tutorial

In this tutorial, Entering Vendor Threat Mitigation Records, describes entering records for VTM Program Officers and VTM IC Analysts.

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Vendor Threat Mitigation (VTM) Reports for VTMACQ

Watch Tutorial

Vendor Threat Mitigation for VTM Acquisition Professionals tutorial which includes SPRS Acquisition Professionals, describes how to search and view VTM Records in detail. The teaching ends showing Section 841 List and how to view threat rating/assessments within the list.

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