Enhanced Vendor Profile (EVP)

SPRS Enhanced Vendor Profile is detailed, up-to-date supplier profile information on all current DoD vendors supported by CAGE DLA, FPDS-NG and other SPRS data sources. Contract data on the vendor searched can by broken up by government Fiscal Year (FY) or Calendar Year (CY), and all the reports that follow are broken down based on that initial selection. There are two basic kinds of metrics within EVP: CAGE breakdowns and Hierarchy Breakdowns. CAGE breakdowns and metrics are based on the current CAGE code that has been selected or searched. The Hierarchy Breakdowns are calculated based on the CAGE code selected entire corporate CAGE hierarchy. The EVP module in SPRS is divided up by tabs. Descriptions of the types of information found in each tab are listed below.


Basic vendor profile information such as, address, registration status, exclusion status and more. Supplier Risk score, defense and contract information news feed and finally some basic metrics on the searched CAGE code’s contract award tendencies and corporate hierarchy.


Table of contracts signed within the last three years. Table details include contract number, FSC/PSC code, contract start date, expected contract completion date, obligated dollars and whether or not the contract is a sole source contract.

Reps & Certs

Active list of vendor-reported FAR/DFARS Certifications and Representations from the System of Award Management (SAM.gov).


Graphical representation of the sector breakdown of obligated dollars within the last 3 years for the CAGE code you searched. The sectors are grouped by PSC Category and PSC Subcategory.

Example: PSC 1510 Aircraft Fixed Wing, is a member of the PSC Category Aircraft, Ships/Submarines & Land Vehicles which is broken down into subcategories Aircraft, Ships/Submarines and Land Vehicles. This PSC subcategory would be Aircraft.

Award Breakdowns

Breakdown of obligation dollars of the searched CAGE code. Graphs can be displayed with data for the last 3 years or a single year ‘snapshot’. Award Breakdown graphs included are agency, NAICS and FSC/PSC code.


Summary of the subsidiaries of the CAGE hierarchy for this vendor. Table summarizes CAGE information and obligated dollars.

Supply Chain Map

Geographical display of the CAGE Hierarchy only. More data coming soon!

CAGE Hierarchy

Complete list of the CAGE code’s corporate hierarchy structure with corresponding supplier risk color score. Ability to export CAGE Hierarchy into an excel spreadsheet.

Hierarchy FSC/PSC Summary

Breakdown of contract counts and dollars by FSC/PSCs for the entire CAGE Hierarchy including the CAGE searched.

Supplier Risk Hierarchy Graph

Breakdown of this CAGE code’s entire CAGE Hierarchy into supplier risk color scores depicted graphically.

NOTE: The version of SPRS Enhanced Vendor Profile accessed from the top-right menu on the SPRS website is the limited version. For complete functionality, access via SPRS application through PIEE.

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